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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rudder Glass Fitted

Nice day yesterday. Not too hot, not too cold and best of all, no rain.

Got nearly all the glass cut and fitted for the rudder. All except the last layer of chopped strand mat. What I had left on the roll was not enough. Add CSM to the list.

I also took tried to fit bagging film and peel-ply for the infusion. Ran out of those too. So, add peel-ply and bagging film to the list.

This infusion attempt will be critical as a lot of work has been put into the rudder and I would hate to have things go south. So, I have been putting a lot of thought remembering past infusion projects, what worked well, and what didn't.

The key is predicting resin flow. In boat production environments, they have fancy software that does resin flow predictions to help in the setup. I don't have the luxury here, just previous experience.

Considering this rudder just a "small part" and is more or less a "flat" piece it shouldn't be too hard. Current idea is to provide multiple vacuum ports along the top, drawing up resin from multiple feed points along the bottom. The vacuum ports will be valved to help control saturation should one area start to get wetted out before the others.

The blue Colbond flow medium I have will be used on the surface of the rudder, but not on the edges. Special resin flow "strips" (EnkaFusion CX-1000) will be draped over the rudder from top to bottom, staggered every couple inches to help resin flow from bottom to top and will wet out the nearby glass. Need to add that stuff to the list as well.
More later as I finish the setup.

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Overboard said...

Looking good!