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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Rudder Test Infusion: Core Analysis

Here are some still shots of the test piece post-infusion. I sliced it up into a couple section to examine the core. One of the reasons for doing the piece is that the rudder, while it calls for four layers of glass, will have small sections of overlap which will total up to eight layers. I have never tried infusing four let alone eight layers of glass.
Overall, the wetout was uniform, though it seemed a little dry. I got the opinion of a friend of ours who does this stuff for a living. He indicated the piece looked really good. The reason why it is a bit dry was due to the blue flow medium I used, as, under pressure, it tends to "squeeze out" more resin from the laminate. He recommended not using so much of the blue stuff and instead place strips of it strategically. Also, the slight dryness should have minimal effect on strength. More effect on water resistance.
I indicated we would be doing final fairing with epoxy and giving it a good barrier coat. His opinion was that would be perfect.

So, our worries are a bit less now. We just stocked up on some more bagging materials and hope to start the final infusion in a week or so.

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