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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pre-Infusion: The Apparatus and The Arsenal

Here is a look at things just before infusion. Vacuum pump and resin trap in the foreground. Rudder, bagged and sealed, in the background. With numerous hoses and valves. To improve chances of success I rigged multiple resin feed lines at strategic points from bottom to top. Also, there are three vacuum ports along the top, each with its own valve. Also, following a tip from a friend of ours at Fast Passage Composites, I rigged a "basketball needle", which is another vacuum line, valved, with a sporting ball inflator needle. The idea being, if dry spots develop during infusion, use this needle and insert it into the dry spot to remove the air and in draw resin.
Supplies ready and on hand are, resin, catalyst, rags, acetone, mixing buckets, mixing sticks, syringes and a thermometer.
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