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Monday, July 07, 2008

Fill, Grind, Sand, Repeat

Much of last week was spent fairing the rudder. The general procedure is: squegee thickened epoxy (with fairing compund, West Systems 407 in this case) over the rudder, once cured, grind and/or sand with a flat disk, I used 40 grit, clean, do it again until the surface is pretty smooth to the touch. There were still a couple "slightly raised" areas over the internal stainless webs, due to the compression of the infusion process. I stopped there as I had already ground through to top layer of CSM glass and was getting down to the woven roving. I didnt want to grind through that as that is what provides the strength. It is kind of hard to see and I doubt it will affect the hydrodynamics of the boat, it is not like we are going to race this thing.

Once faired to my tastes, the final epoxy barrier coating is done. Recipe: generous layer of West Systems Expoxy (straight), followed by numerous coats of Interlux 2000E epoxy barrier coating. As many as you care to put on.
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