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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Steering Plan B: Cable Steering

Here is a quick sketch of how pull-pull cable steering would look from the top. It has a total of four idlers and sheaves. Compare this to 12 idlers/sheaves that came with the original factory steering. This can be done in that the cable runs through a stiff conduit which can withstand gradual rises and bends. There will still be cable/conduit criss-crossing the engine room, but at least the cable will be protected by the conduit and have some flexibility. The conduits will have automatic "greasers" to keep the cable-in-conduit lubricated. So far, the costs of this setup is just over half on the estimate for the Jefa transmission steering. It may be less still as we await final pricing.
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Anonymous said...

I found your blog a few days ago, great stuff. Yesterday I bought a Whitby 42 is need of restoration(similar layout to the Westsail 42). Prior to purchasing I had been war gaming the steering setup. Have you looked at the Edson setup

Also Lewmar has a rod system called "mamba". Similar cost issues as it is a UK company.

I can be contacted at gtod25 at



rl said...

Hello Gerry,

Yes, we have a contact at Lewmar for the Mamba system, but have not really pursued that line. As you mentioned, I suspect the costs will be similar to the Jefa system.

The current cable system design is using Edson components. Despite the fact it will require a couple custom fabricated aluminum brackets, it should not be too difficult to install.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a side view of the new steering system. I am having a hard time visualizing it.

What type of bearing/gland system did you use to support the rudder shaft as it entered the hull. The Whitby 42 one is famous for leaking.