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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Steering Linkage: Final Details

This is what the final steering linkage design is looking like. Though I am still in talks with the Jefa component distributor to verify that this is doable (and that I am not making some really obvious blunder).

In the final details are things like wheel size, wheel rotation lock-to-lock and total rudder travel. Doing some research and talking to a designer it appears that the following are "typical" on a cruising boat of this size:

  • 36 inches wheel diameter
  • 2.5 wheel rotations lock-to-lock
  • 72 degree rudder travel lock-to-lock

Getting data from other boat owners varies.

  • One W42 with 5 rotations l-to-l
  • Another W42 with 2.5 rotations
  • A Catalina 42 with 1.75 rotations l-to-l (which I did get some helm time on, very strange coming from a tiller)

The steering linkage, as currently designed, gives 2.5 rotations l-to-l. This seems like a good place to start. If more reduction is needed, the bevel linkage gears could be easily swapped out for reducing linkage gears to give 3.2 rotations or 3.8 rotations if one or both gears are changed.

Any readers out there have more data/opinions/suggestions?

What is your setup?

Would you change anything?

Please post a comment!

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