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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Steering Plan B: More Details

A reader asked for a side view of the cable steering setup (thanks for the request, it sorta forces me to think through things a bit more thoroughly). This view shows the conduit idlers and the conduit cable and how it leads up to the rudder post from under the floors. Generally, the minimum number of idlers, the smoother and more accurate the steering will be. The current design has four. The original factory had twelve. The cable-in-conduit provides this reduction as it can take up slight curves and bends (otherwise it would need to be straight line between idlers). What is not clear is how much the cable in conduit can curve. The drawing here does not really reflect the amount of space underneath the floors. There is more space than the drawing suggests. I could have the conduit snake down to the bottom of the bilge and curve up to the rudder post if needed. This is a situation where the dryfit will tell if this is ok. If I do need to add more idlers, it would likely be where the conduit comes "up" from underneath the floor, just above the prop aperture. Also, the idlers that tail out to the quadrant will need to be angled and shimmed to correctly align the grooves of the idler and quadrant to prevent any chafing of the wire from the sidewalls. Here are PDF versions of the cable steering design that may show more detail. Cable Steering Side View Cable Steering Top View
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Gerry said...

Great info, thanks. Will watch with interest and contribute when I feel I have something worthwhile.