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Monday, August 18, 2008

Engine Room/Aft Cabin Floors are IN!

One of the last lingering floor tasks. The floors for the engine room and hallway ("tunnel"), while they had been cut and fitted, they were simply resting in place supported by a couple temporary cleats. We had not decided on a final height for the tunnel floor. With me being the tallest (6 feet 2 inches), I made the final decision. The floor was cut down two inches. This allowed a reasonable height for me to comfortably crouch down and walk through the tunnel without hitting my head. While still leaving a gap under the hallway floor to run wiring and plumbing if needed. So with that, the pieces were jointed, glued, screwed and glassed into place. The main vertical supports were rabbeted to receive the future walls and were aligned as close as possible to the cockpit walls to maximize width in the tunnel. Also, crossmember support in the aft cabin floors were leveled and laid. The floorboards feel much more solid now. Left to do on this particular task is painting the bilge. Maybe this week. All Floors are Done! With the finish of the engine room and aft cabin floors, I can now confidently say all sub-floor structural work is, save for paint, COMPLETE! One maybe exception is the mizzen mast step. That is still resting unattached on the hull and cannot be glassed in until we get the steering problem sorted out.
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