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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gotta Love Modern Chemistry

Methacrylate, the new 'Super Glue'?
A two part structural adhesive that will bond just about anything to anything (except rubber). Different formulations with cure times from five minutes to two hours. Very, very strong. Stronger than any of the resins, epoxy or otherwise.
The most recent application on this project was the finishing of the engine room floors where the lateral cross members were jointed into the longitudinal supports. Also, a six inch "extension" that was spliced into the floor support between the engine room and the aft cabin using only methacrylate and fasteners. And the fasteners were primarily to clamp the piece in place. This an application where resin and glass would have been too messy and much of a hassle for such a small piece.
Of course you gotta make sure you set and clamp the pieces in the correct position because when the glue cures, the piece ain't going anywhere! Removal would require destruction.
Trade names are Plexus and Loctite SpeedBonder. A bit more expensive than epoxy, and requires special dispensing equipment, but the convenience is well worth it!

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