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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Other Launchings

BMW/Oracle Racing Launch their new 90'x90' Trimaran Yesterday, after 9 months of construction and 10 million dollars, BMW/Oracle Racing launched their new trimaran that may challenge Alinghi for the America's Cup. This really has nothing to do with building a Westsail 42, but BMW/Oracle Racing has been building this boat right next to my office under strict secrecy and I just had to say something now that the cat, um, tri, is out of the bag. All of us locals can breathe a sigh of relief. The build crew has been working 6 day weeks ever since last Christmas. This boat is both beautiful and high tech. It measures 90 feet by 90 feet. That is the size of the infield of a baseball diamond. The mast is at least 150 feet high. Construction is of carbon fiber. Whether it will actually challenge for the America's Cup is uncertain as the issue is tied up in the NY court system. Rumours are they may use this boat to attempt to break the 50 knot speed record for a sailing vessel. Congratulations to BMW/Oracle and their build team!

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