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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Other Launchings: BMW/Oracle BOR90 Update

Again, nothing to do with a Westsail 42, but an update on the new trimaran that was launched here in town last week. BMW/Oracle Racing have been performing sea trials on BOR90. Below are some of the official photos from BOR. This boat is very fast. Early tests have shown that she will do 20 knots in only 8 knots of wind. Note the bottom picture with two of the three hulls "flying" out of the water! The experienced crew (assisted by famous french multihull expert Franck Cammas) are calling this the fastest multihull ever built, for under 15 knots of wind. Not only was this boat built next to my office, but she is quite literally docked four houses down from us at the end our street where the team has been staging the sea trials. The top of the 150 foot mast is clearly visible from our driveway. Walking down there and seeing this thing at the dock is quite a sight. Maybe her proximity will be good for the Westsail! Very impressive. And built in only 9 months! Local Seattle Times article on the new boat The Wall Street Journal Magazine has a good article that sums up why this boat was built (click). Wall Street Journal article on the new boat BMW/Oracle Racing's website BMW/Oracle Racings Photo Site Photos at BYM News Update: Looks like BOR90 will be moving to San Diego in a couple weeks for some more testing and training for the team. Any any of you San Diego readers/sailors should go see it. There is nothing else like it. It will be docked near the San Diego Yacht Club. Oh, good luck on keeping up with it!.
Photos BMW/Oracle Racing
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