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Monday, September 29, 2008

Shooting Final Lines in the Aft Cabin

Yesterday, I shot the final lines against the hull for the aft cabin layout. This involves tools such as: - tape measure - plumb bob - laser level devices w/tripod - paint markers/sharpies - lots of thinking Again, the balance here is getting the functionality and features we want, minimizing the "cramped space" feeling, and keeping the construction relatively simple. The toughest part was imagining the 3-d visualization. So far, the 2-D CAD drawing still involved some guess work as here under the waterline the hull curvature is a bit shallow and I do not have an accurate shape in CAD. But, after sitting there, taking a few measurements and thinking about it, some ideas and modifications came to mind. The drawing has been updated with a few of them (see Floor Plan in the Drawings sidebar). I think we have a pretty good design to move forward with. As I have said before, nothing is permanent until it is glassed in. Even then it can be ripped out and redone if necessary (havent had to do that yet!).
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