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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Still More Tankage

Been working on the main salon this past week. Final mock ups of the floor/dinette riser and port side cabinet faces have been made and tweaked. In the process we have "discovered" two significant "dead spaces" on the port side, left of the aft dinette settee, against the hull. These spaces, when everything gets built over them, are pretty much useless, as there would be no practical easy access. Now, we are always wanting to make efficient use of space (living aboard a small 28 foot boat teaches you that really well), so what to use this for? I do not know what Westsail Corp used it for, but I suspect it was left empty. Diesel Fuel Day Tanks We have decided to have two small diesel fuel tanks made and plumbed in. Commonly known as "day tanks". The idea behind day tanks is that you pump fuel from your mains into these smaller tanks, then run your engine/generator/heaters from these. This has a couple advantages. One, when on long passages, it forces/enables better monitoring of fuel consumption. Daily (the "day" in "day tank"), one checks and records the levels of these tanks and tops them off from the mains as necessary. They are not filled from the deckfill. Second advantage is the tanks give you more flexibility in plumbing to enable tank isolation and fuel polishing. Adding a few more pumps, valves, hoses, one can set up a filter recirculating system to clean the fuel. The dead space allows for tank capacities of about 21 and 17 gallons.
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Anonymous said...

On our boat we too discovered those spaces. But we did cut openings in the floor to access them and we've used them for more storage. Even though one thinks the 42 has infinite room she doesn't. Ironically I think our WS 32 had more but more than likely it's that we're older and we have more.


robert said...

Yeah, I hear what you are saying Dave. When I was looking at the space I asked my self "Am I really going to pull up boards and/or get upside to reach down in there to store something?"

Answer, probably not. And if I did, I would completely forget about what I stored there. We have a couple spaces like that on our 28: "Oh! Thats where that went!"