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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tunnel Storage

Worked on the "tunnel" this weekend. This is the hallway that runs starboard between the main salon and the aft cabin. It is close quarter height and width so we particularly want to get this right (whatever "right" is). The goal is to keep it a comfortable height and width while retaining a useful function. The original factory designs put the nav station here against the hull. I did the final glassing of the middle cabinet support and mocked some shelving to imitate the drawers we are considering finishing out the space with. Current design thoughts are to finish it with drawers on rails with positive locking latches. This would be primary storage for the galley. Canned food, etc. A pantry if you will. The left section of the cabinet was made large enough to fit one of those combo washer/dryer units. Whether we install one or not has not been decided, but the space is there. I am still having to move tools and stuff around the boat as I work from section to section. This temporary shelving, in a space that will be one of the last to be finished out, makes a great place to store the tools that ultimately accumulates during the project. This should save me from having to move stuff around all the time. Final shot here is a view down the tunnel from the forward salon overlooking the galley. See the temporary plywood counter top on the left.
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