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Friday, September 12, 2008

What to do with the dinette?

Design Problem We decided against a dedicated "nav" station. Seems to me there is no point. You typically use the nav station during long passages. During those times you are less likely to use the dinette for dining purposes. So, why not use the dinette as a nav station? The dinette table will be pretty large. But, no dedicated "electronics cabinet" means we have to find room along the sides. Computer flat screen will be on a stowable, adjustable bracket above the table. We have just enough room alongside the table for "quick access essentials" such as radios and the main switch panel. Anything else? We anticipate the steering pedestal will have all of the autopilot, chartplotter, radar displays. If we need to, we can mount cockpit electronics on the bulkhead left of the companionway. Is there something obvious we are missing in this design?
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The Incredible Hull said...

Remember to plan stowage for paper charts. A lexan (or similar) sheet that could be laid on top of a chart in use might be an interesting idea. This could be removed when not underway.


robert said...

Yeah, my wife espcially wants this. We are thinking of installing shallows drawers underneath the main dinette riser specifically for charts.