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Monday, October 06, 2008

Aft Cabin Frame-in

This last weekend saw the start of the aft cabin frame-in. Earlier in the week I cut and fitted templates from door skin using measurements taken from my homemade "electronic tick-stick" One of the more challenging parts was maximizing material usage when cutting the coosa board. I had three sheets, but ended up using only two plus a piece of scrap on hand. Also, fitting and supporting the pieces for the berth while keeping it square was a bit frustrating as there is (was) nothing to block it against to keep it from moving around. Once fitted and supported, they were glued into place. Later they will be glass tabbed. All during this time, I went back and forth on the size of the berth. The drawing suggesting it was big enough. But when I drew the lines on the hull, it seemed small. Then I took real measurements in the hull (which ended up matching the drawing pretty closely) and it seemed big. Then I cut the templates and it seemed small. Now that I have the final pieces glued into place, it seems big (whew!). That gives you an idea of how poor my eye for space can be. Not surprising as I have a hard time judging distances at an anchorage.
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