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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And the Resin Party Continues...

Saturday we took a day off from working on the Westsail but Sunday I did a few things. In particular, glassed in the aft-cabin panels that I framed in last week. I must say, I am getting a bit tired of playing with resin. What with the gloves, respirator and everything, it is getting kind of old. I guess the good thing is that I am getting faster at it and the laminations tend to be a bit better. It is really annoying when your respirator starts to come loose and you are wearing resin covered gloves. Must avoid touch! I had to have a couple knots of resin cut out of my hair later that night.
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1 comment:

mickey said...

That brings back memories…it's also annoying when you're painting topsides and sweat is dripping through your respirator onto your brand new paintjob!