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Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Closer Look at the Masts

We really haven't taken much of a look at the masts since we got the boat. Haven't had much need to. But next year, while we wont see the rig put on, things like bowsprit and chain plate placement will need to be decided before things get "covered up" on the inside. What does this have to do with the masts? Well, we need to decide if we are sticking with the original 30 year old masts, or, opt for new ones. There are a LOT of things to be considered in making that decision, which I will detail in a future post. One of those things is the condition of the existing masts. These masts have never been used, but have been left out in weather for the past 30 years. Originally kept under the boat, on the ground (supported by blocks) for the last three years. I felt it time to get them up off the ground where I could assess condition and easily work on them. Mom and Dad were in town for Thanksgiving week, and Dad helped me put together some stands to support both masts in order to more easily facilitate work. I'll post some more details of what I find on the masts in a future blog entry.
From Building a Westsail 42: Mast and Rig

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