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Saturday, November 22, 2008

One More Thing...

Before the Last and Largest Tank Goes In
Last tank left is the 100 gallon center fuel tank. The space allows for a taller tank, but, in the future, such a tank could never get through the companionway, so the size of the tank was limited to one that would fit. As a result that has left some empty space underneath.
Now, never wanting to let empty space go to waste, we came up with an idea for usage: grey water storage. What?
Well, my wife, working in the marine construction/repair biz, is always hearing rumours of overboard discharge regulations becoming more restrictive. Boaters are well aware of the existing laws prohibiting black water discharge on inland waters (boats must have holding tanks and pump out at pump out stations throughout the area). But, there are some areas that prohibit discharge of ANYTHING. Including stuff from sink drains. There are a few such areas up in Canada (Desolation Sound) and I think Lake Washington is a no discharge zone. The Dept of Ecology continues the "threat" that discharge regulations may get more restrictive.
So, given this potential restriction, and this empty space we are presented with in the boat, we decided to install a grey water tank. Turns out Ronco Plastics makes an 18 gallon tank that will fit this space just nicely. It will have to be installed from the engine room by "sliding" it through the bulkhead, underneath the center fuel tank. It will have a 1 1/2" inlet and outlet, 1/2" vent, and 6" inspection port all accessible from the engine room. In may not ever get plumbed/used till after launch whenever the laws appear imminent.


mickey said...

just a quick thought racing through my head: wouldn't it make sense to put gray water _under_ potable water?
Also your link to Ronco Plastics is malformed :)

rj said...

hey mickey, thanks for the heads up on the bad url, fixed!

Not sure what you mean by putting it "under" potable water?

The forward center water tank is pretty close to the keel as it is. And the battery box is above that tank. Turns out this place will work just nicely for the galley sink and aft head sink. The forward head sink might be a stretch, but I have a separate idea for that.

mickey said...

I'm just thinking of the chances of contamination should your grey tank spring a leak. Doubt it's a major issue, but the first thing that came to my mind.

Also, would be interested in seeing pics of tanks and batteries, compared to cabin sole ;)

rj said...

oh, I see. No, I dont think that will be an issue. But, getting greywater in the bilge may not be a pretty sight either. The position of this tank will make it very hard to reach once everything is in.

Should the tank ever get used (and it might not) and spring a leak (hopefully not) it may mean abandoning the tank until the center fuel tank can be removed for repairs.

I am still thinking of ways to positively secure this greywater tank to prevent chafing on any part of it.

rj said...

oh, and yeah, once all tanks are in I will post a "big picture" of everything. Including battery box.