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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Two More

This past weekend saw the installation of the starboard fuel tank and the port water tank. Both went in fairly smoothly. As I am using thru-bolts instead of tapping screws to secure the tanks, and, I am seeking to make any future removal of the tank easy by using tee nuts (you only need one wrench), it has made installation interesting. Its not as simple as dropping the tank in. I have had to initially fit the tank, spot the holes for the bolts, remove the tank, bore the hole, and install the backing tee nut. But, any adjacent tank must be removed in order to get at the spot for the tee nut. So, the fuel tanks need to be removed in order to facilitate installation of the water tanks. THEN the fuel tanks can go back in. Very much like "musical tanks"! Had I known now what I didn't know then, I would have had the tank builder offset the tank mounting tabs relative to the adjacent tanks so the tee nuts would not be covered by the adjacent tank's tabs. Oh well. Save that lesson for the next boat we build (wait... what did he just say?). Also, I figured I should leak test the water tanks to make sure the plumbing fittings are sealed. I installed a temporary valve on the outlet pipe, and ran a hose into the input pipe and filled it up. I took resistance readings of the sending unit at empty and full to help with future calibration. I'll let that sit for a while and see if any water makes its way into the bilge.
From Building a Westsail 42: Tank Installation
From Building a Westsail 42: Tank Installation

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