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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Look Back and... Next Year

I am not one to look back very often. But to get a sense of where things are and how we will proceed into the next year, it can be useful to stop and take a look back. First, review what I said about this time last year. The primary goals were
  • bulkheads
  • steering mechanics
  • tanks
Well, going strictly by that list, we are 2 for 3. The steering mechanics did not get in. But I have an excuse: the "18 degree problem". If you go back through previous posts on steering, I had been undecided on the type of steering to install due to unresolved engineering issues. I had anticipated steering would be preferred before aft cabin rough-in. Turns out this is not the case. Steering can wait some more, even beyond next year. Furthermore, I am going to claim "3 for 3" as I had only anticipated a rudder up to the frame only. I don't know why I had planned it this way, but in fact we took it through to complete lamination and installation. I seems a big project's "natural order" tends to play out in reality, despite what you had imagined or even planned. Don't fret about it, thats just the way it is. The rudder project was a case in point. So with that, here is a look at what we expect next year
  • Hull-to-deck bonding. This needs to happen sooner rather than later, before the hull/deck joint access gets covered up from the inside.
  • Chain plates - ideally this should be done at hull-deck bond time
  • Lifeline stanchions - ideally this should be done at hull-deck bond time
  • Bowsprit - again, ideally done at hull-deck bond time. This will require fabrication of bowsprit, and at this time I have no design for one.
  • Finish rough-in. By that I mean the bits that must be glassed to the hull and any large covering panels and faces. As for bits to glass in, we are about 90% complete.
  • Start finish-trim. I anticipate this will be started in certain areas of the boat by years end.
  • Basic Mechanical - this will slowly happen throughout the year. Things like head plumbing, bilge pumps, thru-hulls, etc.


Here are some things that *might* get attention this year. Time and finances allowing.
  • Install steering
  • Design/fabricate/install stern pulpit
  • Port lights
  • Begin deck gelcoat repair
Along the way Any small bits of extra time (what's that?) may see some work on the following
  • Finalize any rig changes
  • Design running rigging deck layout
  • Design electrical system
  • Begin mast rebuild
  • Shop evolution - at some point it needs to shift from a "glass and resin shop" to a "woodworking shop" as finish work begins. This will require some new equipment like a (good) router table, planer and a jointer (if we cant get our old one back).

So there you go. No problem! Should be done with all of this in the first two weeks!

Happy New Year.

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