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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gadgets on a Boat

Today, laptop computers, flat screen monitors and large flat screen TVs are becoming the norm in today's modern household. And, they are finding their way onto boats. Behold a new generation of small, low power, projection units. Just think of all the weight and wiring complexity you could save it you had one of these projecting your nav software, DVDs, Satellite, whatever, onto a (white) forward bulkhead!


Trip said...

Like your blog! What a challenge and thrill it must be to take on such a project. I bet the reward of a finished boat will be well worth all the effort.

You may not recall, but I put your blog on my website, Sailing and Such, a while back. I just recently began blogging myself and I would love to be able to keep up with yours. I wonder if I could suggest adding the Followers Widget to your blog so that people could follow your blog easier, it notifies people when you post a new entry. I would be a follower!

rj said...


Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, I found SailingAndSuch a few weeks back thanks for the link (should be linked back on the sidebard).

I'll look into adding the widget. Never had followers till now ;-).