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Monday, January 19, 2009

More Mast Inspection...

So it ended up being a sunny, yet cold, weekend. Having finished my goals on Saturday I had time to take a closer look at the masts. First let me say I woke up grumpy and not really wanting to do something really physical, yet, as sunny as it was, I felt guilty about staying inside. The best remedy in that case is... TAKE SOMETHING APART! Yes, when you can take something apart without much regard for how you put it back together it can be quite rewarding. The masts fall into that category. While we hope to use the masts, what exactly will be needed to bring them up to snuff is not exactly clear. But it looks like ALL mast hardware will need to be replaced. Recall I never really inspected them since we bought the project. With the masts sitting on the new stands my dad and I built a couple months ago, and the wind having taken care of the fence around the boat (cleaned up yesterday), I could bask in the sun while wrenching. Paradise! I mentioned in an earlier post that some bits of the mast didnt want to come off. A bit of coaxing with a 5lb sledge, a breaker bar, and liberal use of liquid wrench took care of that. All the nuts and bolts bits came off. However, there were some new surprises (I thought I was done with surprises on this project). Stay tuned...
From Building a Westsail 42: Mast and Rig

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