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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Paying More Attention To Detail

Time for an admission: I am a hack when it comes to "crafting" things with my hands. Most of my experience deals with making things "functional" over "looking nice". So far, the same has been true for the Westsail project. This project, so far, has been work that has been/will eventually be "covered up", usually by paint, paneling, laminate or whatever. So, while attention has been paid (as much as possible) to keeping things straight, perpendicular and strong, I have cared less about how it "looks". That will change later this year as we get closer to the finish work. Between the two of us, it is my wife who is the "finish carpenter". In a "previous life" (late 80s) she helped with finish work on a couple large yachts of that day. She has an eye for detail, and almost OBSESSES about it, and insists we buy the best tools (I hate that). Having these qualities, for finish carpentry I imagine, is a GOOD thing. Now that I have embarrassed her, back to me. She will probably laugh at this, but "learning" detail work is something I want to do. I figure the best way to start is to hack on some project that will provide little disappointment if I screw it up. Something that wont go in the boat, but might still be useful. A mental list includes some shop cabinetry and some household "improvements". For the first project, I picked this table saw accessories cabinet. You can purchase the plans for seven bucks and download them online. It is written for woodworking idiots like me with step-by-step instructions and complete bill of materials calling out mfrs and model numbers for hardware. How can one go wrong with this? (just watch me).
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The Incredible Hull said...

Just two questions;

Would your wife like to do some contract work in Miami (its warm here).


what is her hourly rate?