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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Seattle Boat Show

The Seattle Boat Show is coming up January 23 - February 1. I often assert that it should really be called the "Seattle Powerboat Show", as the exhibition hall is filled mosty with powerboats, or powerboat related accessories. To see any sailboats you need to get down to Lake Union. It will be interesting to see what it will be like in this "down" economy. If you have money, and want a boat, I am sure some deals can be had. Something my wife pointed out to me is the "Boat Show University" schedule. Nigel Calder will be giving some presentations. One of the topics will be Diesel/Electric. I might have to check that out.


The Incredible Hull said...

Seeing you are just goofing off making snowmen :-)), I need your ideas on how you plan to run your electrical cable. Do you plan to run conduit or just nail the wire to the bulkhead every 6 inches. I am seriously hoping that you have some magicical solution. Usual consultancy fees will apply.

freezing in Miami (56deg)


rj said...

Ok, you asked for it...

"No" on the conduit unless it is snaking through difficult access areas.

Current idea is wires will not be "clamped" (cushion/nylon clamps etc) directly to bulkheads or deck undersides, etc etc.

I am looking at this stuff

Basically, big 4 x 8 plastic sheets with "eyes" molded to zip wire ties to. Use for mounting wire or light plumbing/hose.

Example, I expect the engine room to be lined with this stuff, over any sound insulation. Maybe with stand-offs. The presence of such a mounting surface leaves no excuse for a "rats nest".

Cut sheets to fit, glue/fasten to bulkhead, deck underside, etc. Zip tie the wires and/or hoses.

I have to expect wires/plumbing may get re-run and/or added to in the future. Dont want a bunch holes from old screws now do we?


The Incredible Hull said...

man, ur scary...but thanks.

rj said...

hey u asked