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Friday, February 20, 2009

Preparing for Hull-to-Deck Bonding

All during this time, the deck has been resting on a flange that runs around the upper edge of the hull. It has been held in place by a few tapping screws. The project is now to the point where we need to bond the deck. As we start building out the interior, the underside of the caprails will become covered up with cabinetry and such. We need access to this area to access the thru-bolts that will hold the deck to the hull. The longer we wait on this, the harder the job will be. The deck will be bonded with generous beads of 3M 5200 adhesive around the edge clamped with 3/8-16 thru-bolts every six inches. This ultimately equates to 28 cartridges of 5200 and 200 bolts/washers/nuts. The flange no doubt is quite dirty and must be thoroughly cleaned. The time when the deck is lifted, would be the ideal time to install the lifeline stanchions that will be thru-bolted to the side of the toe-rail with a threaded aluminum backing plate glued to the inside. Also this time is ideal to grind prepare the underside of the side decks where the upper edge of the primary bulkheads will be glassed. Thin foam strips will be glued between the bulkheads and deck to help fill some gaps. One unknown during the planning of this task has been the weight of the deck and how to safely jack it up to clean the flange and apply the 5200. I put a guesstimate at no more than 2000 pounds. Another problem is where to choose for the lift points inside such that the weight of the deck is safely distributed. More info to come...
From Building A Westsail 42: Bonding the Hull and Deck

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