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Friday, March 06, 2009

Bow Pulpit

Thanks to Bud over at Worldcruiser for a copy of the bow pulpit design. This kit did not come with the pulpits, so we will have to have new ones fabricated. According to Bud, there were two versions of the bow pulpit for the Westsail 42/43s. The first version attached to the sides of the hull, just below the caprail. The second version attaches to the top of the caprail. The second version is supposedly an easier installation, and the "floor" of the pulpit will be flush with the top of the caprail. This will make things easier for running the anchor rode from the winch to the bow rollers. One modification I am considering is welding brackets on the underside to hold a small pole to be used for an asymmetric spinnaker or similar sail. We wont build/install the pulpit for a while (maybe later this year, BIG maybe), but having the dimensions will help while doing the hull-to-deck joining.
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