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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Countdown To Deck Bonding

Things are warming but still wet here in the PNW. I am trying to mark off all the pre-deck bond tasks as best as I can. The most recent items have been pre-fitting the t-track. While I finished fitting the two eight foot tracks along the sides of the cockpit, I only have one six foot track forward on the starboard side. I can't do the port side yet because my supplier only had one six foot track, the other is on back order. I might have to "substitute" one of the eight foot tracks as a six footer just for getting the holes aligned and drilled. But I would rather use a proper six footer. While I wait for that I can do a few small things to get ready. One is baking some "washer nuts". The recipe...
  • 1 part lock nut
  • 1 part washer
  • dash of catalyzed epoxy
  • bake at 150 degrees F
Lightly coat the underside of each nut and place atop a washer that is on a small piece of plywood, centering the two as best as possible. Place in oven and bake at 150 degrees for ten minutes. When cool check by threading onto a bolt to verify threads were not blocked by the epoxy. The point of this is to make it easier to thread the thru bolts of the hull/deck joint from the underside. With the washers glued to the nut, the nut can be placed in a socket with extension in order to get up inside the caprail and get the thread started. Otherwise it would require sticking one's hand up there to place the washer and start the nut, most likely resulting in dropped fasteners, messy fingers of 5200, and a lot of cursing. Oh, and the reason for baking is to speed the curing of the epoxy. On another note, we got twelve brand-spankin'-newly-made lifeline stanchions from Bud over at WorldCruiser. When the deck gets raised, prior to bonding, will be the ideal time to pre-fit the stanchions.
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