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Monday, March 30, 2009

Lots of Holes

Weather was dry and sunny yesterday. Got all the thru-bolt holes bored and countersunk over the weekend. Apparently, in the over-30 years since the hull and deck were laid up, some shrinkage/expansion has happened. I don't know how precise of a fit the hull/deck was when these came out of the mold, but now there appears to be as much as an 3/4" gap between the edge of the side deck and the hull. This after the deck was supported, aligned and clamped as best as possible. These gaps are too big for 5200 to fill (don't want to use 5200 for filler anyway). Solution: 3M Vinylester High Strength Filler. Grind and clean the inside of the gap. Tape off the edge of the deck inside the gap, down to the flange, with plastic tape. This keeps the filler from bonding the deck to the hull (don't want that yet). Trowel in the filler and smooth as best as possible. Once cured, level off with a grinder to expose the seam between the deck and filler. A bit of the filler will tend to hold the deck to the hull, but the deck should pop off once the deck is jacked up for final bonding.
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