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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pre-Deck Bond Checklist

Some things that need to be done before breaking open the 5200...
  1. Spot the sail T-tracks along the caprail and mark holes for thru-bolts (in work)
  2. Cut and thread aluminum backing plates for the T-track bolts (in work)
  3. Spot and drill holes for the lifeline stanchions
  4. Cut and thread aluminum backing plates for stanchions
  5. Drill caprail holes, countersink the non t-track holes.
  6. Prep grind deck underside for bulkhead tabbing.
  7. Cut and fit foam shims to take up gap between bulkheads and deck
  8. Thoroughly clean the deck flange and inside bulwark
  9. Get EVERYTHING out of the boat, not needed for the bonding job.
Tools, parts, supplies needed for the job
  • 28 cartridges of 3M 5200
  • rags
  • air powered caulking gun
  • quart of adhesive remover
  • more rags
  • zinc steel bolts for temporary fitment of t-track
  • cordless drills with socket adapters and plenty of charged batteries
  • rubber gloves
  • post-job beverage
Anything else? Am I missing something? (shown here, the "calibration" strip to help determine how much 5200 we need)
From Building A Westsail 42: Bonding the Hull and Deck
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