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Saturday, April 25, 2009

More Metal: Staysail Chainplate

Here is a near final design for the forward chain plate for the staysail. Originally the factory had a 'T' plate thru bolted to the deck for attaching the base of the staysail. We are going for a chainplate along the stem of the hull with the eye plate welded to the chainplate, and a base plate that will be fasted to the top of the bulwarks. The parts design is based on the typical chain plates and the original 'T' plate of the W42. The base plate was patterned on a full scale trace of the top of the bulwark that was scanned into CAD. All plate 316L Stainless Steel, 3/8 inch thick. Also, a PDF here, and on the sidebar.
From Building A Westsail42:Drawings

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