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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Metal

Yes, the blog has been a bit quiet. Not much physical work on the boat has been going on, save for resetting some t-track backing plates. Focus has been on the next round of metalwork like the chainplates. This means more face time with CAD programs. As dictated by the updated rig design, not all chainplates will be as was original from the factory. Specifically there will be some "double" chainplates to accommodate the swept mizzen spreaders and the continuous running cap shrouds on the main mast. In addition, we have decided to place the staysail deck attachment as forward as possible atop the caprail to help keep the foredeck clear (the factory originally had these on the foredeck, a few feet back from the very front, creating a toe stub hazard). Also, though this will be a ketch, we will have the backstay chainplate used for the sloop. Figure this will provide some utilitarian use and perhaps help with managing the mizzen boom. We will be sending drawings out this week for estimates. Including jet cutting. Edit: updated to take flat head socket cap screws instead of carriage bolts.
From Building A Westsail42:Drawings
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