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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Updated Rig and Sailplan

We received the updated rig and sailplan from Bob Perry last week (recall we had his office engineer the rudder about a year ago). We thought the rig shown on the original Westsail drawings might be a bit dated, so we rang him up and asked if he could take a look and give his opinion. While I could read a few yacht design books and crunch numbers myself, I would rather have someone experienced take the first crack at it. Among the changes:
  • masts slightly taller
  • main mast is keel stepped, double spreader, continuous shrouds
  • mizzen is deck stepped, single spreader (swept)
  • boom heights raised a bit (for my 6'2" head clearance)
  • chainplate placement moved a bit
Overall, the total sail area is about the same. While we wont get to actual rigging for a while, the critical information from the plan is the chainplate placement. Chainplates will need to be installed relatively soon before the interior gets covered up. Bob is a great guy to fun to talk with. We recommend giving him a ring if you have similar questions/problems/requests about your own boat (regardless the original designer). Of course, being a designer, he has his opinions, and they may differ from your own! And, he is willing to answer questions and tweak things here and there, if needed,up until the final installation. Word of caution: if you visit him to talk rigs, he may make you do math on an RPN calculator!


Ben Eriksen said...

So what were his reasons for making these changes? Same sail are you said, but better balance I assume.

rj said...

Possibly. We have no spars except for a couple masts, and those are a bit light (not even sure they were intended for a W42).

New rig will at least be stronger and stiffer with the keel step and double spreaders.

The original W42 drawings showing the rig is kind of scary by today's standards.

Helen said...

Before we did our infusion we surfed Youtube and came across your infusions. They were very informative and greatly assisted in our decision to go ahead with the infusion.
We used Kinetix R246TX Resin with Kinetix H160 slow hardener. Standard 1:4 mix which gave us time even though we were working in 30+ temperatures.
Thanks for the kind words
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