Friday, May 01, 2009

Book Recommendation: Interior Design Methods for Yacht and the Boat Building Industry

My wife picked this up from ABYC. "Interior Design Methods for Yacht and the Boat Building Industry" by Lisa Hix. As it is published by Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology, it is written and reads like a text book. It is loaded with information and guidelines on how to design ergonomically "comfortable" boat interiors. It includes both power and sailboat layouts as examples. It is especially valuable if you are doing your interior layouts in CAD as it provides typical sizes for items found on boats that you can reference in your drawings. It also includes details on interior trim and joinery methods to achieve certain design looks. This is the best boat interior design resource I have found so far. Overall, better than "Boat Interior Construction" and "Boat Joinery and Cabinet Making", in terms of design, though these books have their own useful details.
From Building A Westsail42:Drawings
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