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Monday, May 25, 2009


We have decided to try our hand at some of the metalwork (as opposed to farming it out to the machine shop). Not necessarily welding, but cutting, boring, polishing, etc. We have never done, nor have the cutting tools for hard metals like stainless steel. If anyone has recommendations for online sources of things like hard metal drill bits, countersinks and counterbores, please leave a comment!


Colin&Lizzy said...

Use tooling made for cutting plain steel. The trick is "A" LOTS of coolant force fed onto or into the cutting area. "B" correct speed and feed. Turn the cutter slowly.
If you feel it bounce it is because the cutting edge of the drill is riding on the work. "C" sharp tool,the cutter can not be dull. This brings me back to cheap drills. Made in china drills are just high carbon. If you just keep sharpening they will do the job.
What kills them is that the cutting edge rounds off at the periphery and the cutting occurs on the side of the drill. If you see this condition, grind the drill until you have a clean transition. If you are drilling a 1/2 inch hole, try drilling 1/4 and then finishing 1/2. When you do this decrease your rpm even more. Drills work in wood by spinning quickly and tearing up the fibers. In Stainless they act like a hard chisel which has to travel at the right speed and feed to work correctly. What speed you ask, That's all touchy feely reguardless of what anyone or any chart says.

rj said...


Thanks for the tips!

Yeah, we will be trying some basic stuff in a drill press, which can be slowed down to 130 rpm.

I have been told to prepare to go slow and steady when cutting stainless, and use lots of cutting grease.

Colin&Lizzy said...

CUTTING GREASE?? use water or something American beer.