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Saturday, May 30, 2009

The tricks you gotta do... get things installed. This is a trick on how to set the aluminum backing plates that will help hold down the staysail stem fitting/chainplate. The picture shows the base of the stem fitting with two holes drilled for the 3/8" machine bolts. We want the aluminum backing plates, affixed to the underside with 5200 adhesive, to be aligned as close as possible with the holes in the baseplate. Problem is getting the backing plates up into the bulwark. As mentioned in the earlier deck bonding posts, it is really tough to get your body all twisted up in the bow and your hand up inside to help set the backing plate. The extreme slope of the bow makes things really tough. Solution: two long pieces of 3/8" all-thread. Insert the all-thread into the holes of the bulwark as far down as possible. From the underside, thread a pre-gooped square backing plate onto the end of the all-thread. From the top, pull the all-thread upwards. Fit the baseplate over the two pieces of all-thread. Place washer, nut and tighten. Let it set for a couple days. Remove the all-thread. Voila. Backing plates installed. Particularly easy with a second person helping.
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