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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just about ready to pull the trigger on this one. "Fake" teak to be used for the caprails. As much as I enjoy properly varnished teak, I don't want to be spending a lot of time maintaining it. So I think we will give this stuff a try. Made from recycled plastics, it comes in a variety of dimensions. The 3.5 x .75 inch stuff will work just fine for the caprail. The "grain" on the surface is molded, so any exposed cuts or routed edges will loose the "molded grain". But, according to their website, you can take a propane torch to it and lightly heat it and will cause any exposed cuts to "blend" with the rest of the molded grain. I have got a couple test pieces I want to try this technique on first.


The Incredible Hull said...

My thoughts entirely as I am done with varnishing teak every 6 months. Check out;

My only concert is that it could get very hot in the sun, which might not be a major problem with a cap rail.

rj said...

Thanks for that link. Wow, they went whole hog on that! Looks pretty good.

Yeah, I figure if it doesn't work out after a few years, It can be replaced with real teak relatively easily.

The Incredible Hull said...

Get your order in soon;

rj said...

right. I better get on it!