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Monday, June 08, 2009

Nice and shiney...

... but scratches still visible. This is a test piece for polishing stainless steel. I used progressively finer grits of sandpaper and scotchbrite. Then finished with some metal polish. Some swirls from the power tools are still visible. I either didn't do it enough or I don't have the right tools. The scotchbrite was used with a circular tool, not random orbital. Maybe I need to try that. Suggestions?
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Tom said...

Good Day,
You will have to cut down below the small pits you still have first.
Have a read of
I used to polish scratches from large multi-laminated glass windows in a past life. I suggest that we are looking at lower surface hardness with ss so you could certainly try Cerium Oxide
You will need:
cerium oxide powder for the polishing
polishing pad (felt or leather) on a backing disc
adjustable speed drill (<1500rpm to keep heat down) - use with the polishing pad
lint free cleaning cloth to wipe and allow inspection of the work area
small spray bottle - use to apply C Oxide and water mix to surface while polishing

good luck, Tom