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Monday, June 22, 2009

Slow and Steady

Started doing some machining on the chainplates. We will be using flat head socket cap screws instead of carriage bolts. This requires cutting countersinks on the holes already cut by the jet cutter. We will be using LARGE cap head screws, which will require large countersinks (up to 1.25 inch head diameter). I managed to find a countersink bit that was just large enough to fit the chuck of our drill press (1/2 inch) and large enough for the cap head screws. The trick with cutting stainless is to go slow and steady. Keep the pressure constant. Not too hard, not to light. Watch the heat, dont let it get too hot. Use the slowest speed. Don't get startled by the screeching noises from the bit. Once the cut gets started, it tends to go nice and smooth as long as you keep a constant pressure. Now our drill press is not the most precise of machining tools, but it is good enough for this application. Many thanks to Colin for his tips on cutting stainless steel (see hs comments on the earlier post).

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