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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Coosa Conservancy

When you work with anything that involves cutting, you end up with scraps and leftovers. When it is stuff that is as expensive as Coosa board, you tend to be reluctant the throw out ANY piece that MIGHT be useful for something in the future.
As a result, I have a whole bin full of coosa scraps just waiting to find some use. As the bin was nearly over flowing, and we are starting on "secondary structures" for cabinet areas (the name I give the work that does not involve large structural pieces, but is not exactly "finish" work), there will be a need for fitting cleats in the cabinet work.
So I sorted through the 3/4" Coosa scraps to find pieces that I can cut two inch cleats from. They need to have one good straight edge in order to run through the table saw.
The result: a bin full of two inch cleats of various lengths. There scrap bin is a little less full now (I have some 1.5" scraps that I am not sure will ever find a use).
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