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Monday, July 06, 2009

More Metal Bits: Faux Backstay Chainplate

The countersink drilling takes time. Here is the "backstay chainplate". This is really for the sloop configuration. Since we will be a ketch, it will not be used for the backstay. But, I figure we will find some utilitarian use out of it. At the very least the tow point for the dinghy! Again, we are using flat head socket cap screws instead of carriage bolts. Because they look nicer (especially when polished). Those are 5/8" cap head screws which are WAY bigger than they need to be in terms of strength. But we are going for a nice look here. Sending off to be polished and welded today. One "feature" of using our cheap belt driven drill press for the countersinks is that it forces you to go slow. Too much pressure and the belts slip and you need to back off. The downside is that I have worn out the belts. No big deal as they are cheap and readily available at the local auto parts store.
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