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Thursday, July 16, 2009

On Portlights

We will likely go with off-the-shelf portlights all the way around. Likely the stainless steel ones from Newfound Metals in Pt Townshend, WA. However, when it comes to the portlights for the main salon, I am considering having custom ports made. Reasons are that the cabin sides on this "raised doghouse" style cabin have quite a lot of area. One could go with the six of the largest opening portlights NFM makes (via special order) but that gets REALLY expensive. I am suspecting for the same cost (perhaps even less) four fixed lights could be custom made. Nevermind that opening portlights are kind of useless here as you will never get much breeze through (boat will stream into the wind at anchor). The question is, what style of fixed portlight to design? I wonder if designers consider cockpit dodgers when they draw the lines of the cabin top. You can really chop the look of a nice boat by putting on a bad looking cockpit dodger. My guess is designers do not consider this as dodgers are usually custom made and attached after the build. As for the main salon portlights, I dont care for the look of the original factory windows that Westsail installed. I am trying to come up with something that looks a bit more modern, and, at the same time, design what we think would be a decent looking, functional cockpit dodger that compelments the lines of the deck. Attached is an initial idea. Very much a work in progress. Portlight installation is a ways off yet.

1 comment:

Crew of Tanker 05 said...

Rob I really enjoy your Blog. Been awhile since we communicated. Hope you are well.

I am exploring adding a rear pulpit and rear davits for coastal crusing. I know you have put some thought into this. Wondering what your final determinations were.



ps We have moved from Missoula and now live in Bainbridge Island with our vessel.