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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Final Shiny Rigging Bits

Got the chainplates from my stainless guy this week. Things took a little longer given his and our own vacation time off over the past two months. No matter. Things are still dry enough up here such that I should be able to get these installed over the next few weeks. All are hand polished 316 stainless steel. While some of the chainplates are similar to the original factory plates, most are different. These were cut and bent specific to the updated rig design we got from Bob Perry's office earlier this year. Including two pairs of "double" chainplates. In these one single plate handles the terminus for two rigging lines. One pair will be the for continuous rigging lines for the double spreader main mast. The other pair will handle two rigging lines, each side, for the mizzen mast. In the end, the actual dollar cost for these ended about the same as if I were to buy a set of original chainplates from World Cruiser. Maybe a little bit more. But I did do the CAD design and parts running between the material supplier, jet cutter and polisher as well as my own machining (countersinks) so there was a number of personal hours (free! lol) put into this.
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