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Sunday, September 13, 2009

All Chainplates are In!

And they ain't coming out! All the boat needs now is a couple of sticks tied to the plates, with white sheets hanging off them, and she's ready to sail! The shiny stainless steel shows off how bad the 30 year oxidized gelcoat hull needs a paint job. One thing at a time I guess. The chainplates were bedded/sealed to the exterior using Sikaflex 521-UV, and the nuts and washers in the interior for the bolts were liberally gooped with 3m 5200. There should be NO leaks and those nuts should not come loose unless forced. Positioning the chainplates according to the designer's drawing went fine. Although a couple of plates had to be moved a couple inches to avoid collisions with a bulkhead. These were not the primary plates (forward lower shrouds) and I was assured by the designer that a couple of inches won't make much difference in the rig. The star tools for this project were razor blade paint scrapers and dental picks for trimming/cleaning the cured Sikaflex from around the chainplates. Now, with the chainplates installed, interior work can continue knowing where these things are and how to hide, yet preserve access to them.
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