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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Anchor Roller Testing Lab This Weekend

One of the things holding up the final design of the bow pulpit is the design of the anchor slots and rollers. We want an optimal design for easy launch and retrieval of anchors, and adequately accommodates different styles of anchors. The key will be the design of the cheek plates and placement of the rollers. What better way to design this than using full scale items? We purchased a couple different size rollers and two anchors of the style we will likely use first: a 44lb Bruce and 44lb Delta. I will be cutting and drilling some sample cheek plates from plywood to test various anchor roller positions. Shackled with a small section of chain, we will be searching for the best launch, retrieval and stowage setup. We have some concerns (and some readers have pointed out as well) that the 44lb Bruce might be too small for the W42, so we might exchange it for the next size up (66lb). A little "tweak" and we can convert the Delta anchor to a "simulated" Rocna anchor. More later.
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