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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Shop, The Plan

For a point of reference, here is a shot of the shop "as it is now". Look at all that wasted space with those make-shift tables and loosely routed dust collection ducts! I hate it. It has worked out fine for the time being, but there will be much more "woodworking" happening this next year. As for the plan, the tool layout will be pretty much as it is shown in the picture, from left to right:
  • benchtop spindle sander
  • benchtop belt sander
  • 48 x 6 inch jointer
  • band saw
  • chop saw
  • router table
The current "portable" router table in the picture at the very right will be replaced by built-in counter top version. And I need to make room on the benchtop for a portable planer (which I don't have yet) and a recess for the portable downdraft table (already have). All cabinets will be modular and on locking casters enabling periodic cleaning underneath. They will be simple cabinets with shelves and/or drawers underneath made out of MDF. Nothing fancy or elaborate. So there. I guess I am comitted now. Hope to have this all done just after the first of the year.
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