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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday Downtime

Well, not completely down. As tends to happen this time of year, work on the boat physical tends to slow. Not sure why. Cold weather? Holiday obligations? Who knows. But there is no shortage of work, it is just not boat work. I am talking the shop. As the project transitions towards interior finish work, another reconfiguration of the shop is underway. I think I mentioned this some months earlier, but now it will (must) happen. I am talking cabinets, works surfaces and storage for the shop that is presently provided by old converted and chopped tables (of which I am getting real SICK of). Details as it happens...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Winging It

With not much happening on the Westsail these past couple weeks (mostly shop work), thought I would post something fun. BMW/Oracle Racing Unveils World's Largest Rigid Wingsail In San Diego, yesterday, America's Cup contender BMW/Oracle racing unveiled a new rigid wingsail for their BOR90 trimaran. This was a big event in the world of sailing in that a wingsail of this size and scale has never before been constructed. At over 180 feet tall, it is 80% longer than a single wing of a Boeing 747. Rigid wingsails have advantages over traditional softsails in that the sail shape is more easily controlled (providing more efficient power from the wind) while requiring much less rigging loads (less stress put on the boat). Local angle: For the past six months, BMW/Oracle has been building this wingsail in their shop next to my office, in secrecy (well, some of us locals have known, lol). The next America's Cup match, between BMW/Oracle (USA) and Alinghi (SUI), tentatively will be held in Valencia, Spain, February 2010. This is all subject to change depending on legal actions! Click here for BMW/Oracle's YouTube Channel for some really interesting videos. Click here for the Official Team Blog for the latest happenings. And of course, the Offical Team Website.
Photo credits: Giles Martin-Raget, BMW/Oracing Racing