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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Galley Stoves

One more discovery from the last boat show.

Selecting a galley stove so far has been tough. Seems you could spend a LOT of money for a very nicely made stainless steel propane stove, like these from P.E. Luke of Maine, or one could go with the real cheap Force 10 stoves found on most production yachts (which I really hate).

Well, Dickinson Marine of Canada has released a line of propane stoves, that seem to fit "in between" in both price and quality. The one of particular interest to us is the 3-burner "Mediterranean" model.

There is a bit of irony here in that Dickinson was purchased by Force 10 a few years ago. Kudos to them at least for noticing a "gap" in the marine stove market.


mickey said...

Wow. Good find on the stoves. I was about to drop some dough on the Force10. Any ideas on availability?

robert said...

Sure Marine in Seattle had them on display at the Seattle Boat show. So I presume units are shipping.

mickey said...

Thanks. Now that I did some legwork myself, I also see they're available at defender and go2marine.

The Incredible Hull said...

Don't ignore Seaward Products, good people and a good product, IMHO.

mickey said...

Have you (or anyone here) done research to compare Seaward vs. Dickinson? My thoughts:

* Both seem (on spec) well-made.
* Seaward is cheaper. (by about $500). Also Dickinson does not include gymbal kit?! Not sure
* Dickinson has better styling IMO, and is all stainless.
* Top burners are all 7000BTU on seaward; dickinson has one 11k burner.
* Seaward's oven is 10K BTU; Dickinon's is 7k.

robert said...

I have never seen the Seaward products, but FWIW, the Dickinson stoves appear just as bulletproof as their BBQs. Made of thick gauge stainless.