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Friday, February 19, 2010

Mastervolt Products

I guess it has been a while since I last looked at Mastervolt products. But since then they have added distributed power and electric/hybrid propulsion components to their already very comprehensive product line.

Mastervolt has always been regarded as high quality stuff. So, maybe it is time to take (another) look at their product line.

Their MasterBus system provides a lot of the features of the E-plex system, with less complexity. But, perhaps more importantly, MasterBus is designed to integrate with Mastervolts existing line of batteries, chargers and inverters.

Perhaps the most important feature might be: our wholesale supplier carries Mastervolt (read: get it cheap(er)).

Thanks to Gerry over at "The Incredible Hull" for opening my eyes to this.


The Incredible Hull said...

Welcome back. You need to warn us, in future, before you go walkabout in Urop. I and many of your followers thought you had fallen into the bilge.

I met the Mastervolt team at the Miami Boat Show, very impressive .

jc luddite said...

I think mastervolt is the way to go.

The Incredible Hull said...

Mastervolt Combi just won the "Best Choice" award in Practical Sailor, march 2010;