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Friday, March 12, 2010

Back To The Boat

Let this serve as the BEFORE picture. It is of the port side forward salon. Both it and the starboard side are some of the few "internal framing" areas left requiring glass tabbing to the hull. With the weather getting warmer, conditions will be good for glasswork soon.

This weekend will be spent templating and/or cutting the pieces for the settee and cabinet framing that goes here. Perhaps within a few weeks it will all be glassed in.

Update: First pieces aligned, jigged and tacked in.
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jc luddite said...

are you just tabbing in the coosa board or is all going to get a layer of fiberglass over the foam?

just curious.


robert said...

In this particular area, the Coosa will just be tabbed. At least two layers of 17oz cloth.